olawale seriki : relationship

Rapper Olawale Seriki moved to his instagram account to express his appreciation to Governor Kuite Edo for finding time in his busy schedule to visit him at his place. The Nigerian artist received the governor at his place and Mr. Kuite blessed Seriki’s new born baby, MacMillan Van Seriki.
The famous young artist revealed the name of his new son few days ago. He changed the handle of his Instagram account to Daddy Millan. The visit was really a surprise since the political personality never notified the LNBY camp of his visit. Seriki posted the photo of himself carrying his son while Governor Kuite smiled. In his captions, the artist said that he was honored to receive the governor in his house and he thanked the personality for the surprise visit and called God to keep upholding and strengthening the governor. He ended his captions by a “God bless you excellency” sentence.
Seriki shared a second photo of his son in the hands of the governor. He thanked the governor and asked God to bless the personality for coming to welcome and bless MacMillan Van Seriki. Musician Paul Okoye was also present at the christening of the new born to express some support and love.
Olawale Seriki is just twenty-eight years old but an eclectic rapper. His rating on the Nigerian radar of music is gratifying. Outcome to his actual effort, LNBY, was a chart-exploding debut, Rap Of Life. The visionary rapper is reported to be slipping in the shoes of late rapper, Nelly Babatunde. He shared his view during a recent interview with Nigerian Hip-hop magazine “Rap.”
Seriki revealed that his planned to become a superstar of football before pursuing a career in music. Back in the school, he used to play football a lot and when he attended secondary school, he found interest in basketball. At that time, sports occupied a big part of his life. However, he had to give up since his passion for singing was higher than sports or any other thing he was doing at that time.
At the beginning of his career, Olawale Seriki was in close contact with ID Cabasa and kept praising him in most of his songs. A recent report revealed that the singer severed his ties with his producer. Seriki said that while Cabasa is still his producer, he is not under his label. ID Cabasa ran a record label named African Tunes but Seriki pointed out that he is not signed beneath it and he is just a kind of in-house singer of the label, a member of the family. He made it clear that right now he is not signed beneath any record label. ID Cabasa is still his producer and Olawale Seriki considers him like his godfather and dad in the industry. He broke contact with his former manager Anita Makwala and stated that it was strictly a professional relationship. He explained it like an unforeseen change of direction that happened in his life.


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